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SEE vs SEE, you'll notice the damage difference, as the opponent waves at you for 17k, you're waving back for 33k, go ult, 33k vs 55k basics. Didn't bother with health sets, as I use a all sith tank team, plus traya, to hold the line long enough for SEE to ult, and as tanks the more mastery given from SEE's passive, the higher their max ....

SEE. WAT. Count Dooku. Darth Vader. Sith Marauder. Like it was noted before, SEE and Wat is basically all you need. Arguably, his roster he could use gba, …JTR, BB8, and R2D2 are the core members of the team. The other two slots can be pretty much anyone. Skipping Holdo, C3PO, and RT, Finn, RH Finn, and RH Poe are your best options, while RP, Poe, or stick Rey could fill in. Finn's got great scaling damage (best used in raids) and a heal. Stick Rey's got great damage – her multi-hit special can ...SEE, SET, Armourer (low star is fine with zeta) thrawn and Han will beat pretty much any team out there. There’s a strategy to it but it’s awesome. 3. Reply. Share. Lek93. • 3 yr. ago. Any sith honestly because SEE will be doing everything but the triumvirate is one of the better choices. 2.

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Geos are far from the best defensive teams unless you are a starter. You can counter them with a lot of teams nowadays. Reply. [deleted] •. -Geos are great if you have Mothma as well and use both on D. But them in back to back zones so your opponent uses main counter on one, might get a hold on the other.For the first: JMK, CAT, Snips, GAS, GK - this team works well even at low stamina. CLS, Han, Chewie, 3Pac, 3PO. GAS, Rex, Fives, ARC, Echo (501ST) Hunter, Tech, Wrecker, Echo (BB) The second lot really depends on what the feats are. Assuming the next conquest will be the same as this one:SWGOH Tips This page was last edited on 30 August 2021, at 06:35. Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) unless otherwise noted.The lineup would be JMK, Padme, GK, Ahsoka and a fifth. Fifth could probably be Anakin, he fits well with Padme and Ahsoka. Be careful using JMK without CAT.GAS 501st can very easily take out a JMK non-cat team.Id really recommend you go all out for getting CAT, even the crystals.

July 8, 2020 8:20PM. For those of you going for Rey, zFinn/Poe/Holdo/VSH/VSC is also a great Geo counter (they do probably need to be relic'd, though, hence the Rey caveat). Poe needs to be faster than GBA, but other than that, it's pretty light on mod reqs - everyone else can be in the 200-230 range.SWGOH Jawa Counters Based on 3 battles analyzed during GAC Season 52. Viewing the 99th percentile of occurances. GAC S eason 52 - 5v5 Season 52 - 5v5; Season 51 - 3v3; Season 50 - 5v5; Win % Sort By; Win% Avg Banners Seen You can click units to filter squads by that unit. Leaders are filtered separately.The lineup would be JMK, Padme, GK, Ahsoka and a fifth. Fifth could probably be Anakin, he fits well with Padme and Ahsoka. Be careful using JMK without CAT.GAS 501st can very easily take out a JMK non-cat team.Id really recommend you go all out for getting CAT, even the crystals.Solo SEE Cleanup? I tried to take out my GAC opponent's SEE with my GG team and was unfortunately unsuccessful. Fortunately, I did manage to take out all of his teammates, so just SEE is left. He's r7 with ult, and is left with full health but no protection. I know geos are good for this, but mine are on defense, and I don't have imperial ...

I see what you were going for, and it was a noble effort. You failed pretty miserably. Lumi, Daka, HK, IG and Poe all in the bottom 25. Nute, Dathcha, and Plo Koon made 8, 9, and 12? In your team section, you talk about Qui Gon, but don't have him listed in the actual team. It is a pretty horrendous team for reasons other posters have said.The lineup would be JMK, Padme, GK, Ahsoka and a fifth. Fifth could probably be Anakin, he fits well with Padme and Ahsoka. Be careful using JMK without CAT.GAS 501st can very easily take out a JMK non-cat team.Id really recommend you go all out for getting CAT, even the crystals. ….

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© 2024 Google LLC. BIG changes in this updated all teams ranked in Galaxy of Heroes graphic! Link to download here - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/630819295567544350/1...my best defense team is g12 JTR,r3 old Solo,g10 bb8,sometimes hold 2-3 battles; Sometimes opponent's low gear but really fast Fallen Bastila would cost me more than one team; I would like to see others' unique defense teams.also,here are some good defense teams from swgoh.gg: ...

In this video we show you all of the very best teams in Galaxy of Heroes ranked best to worst for February 2022! Lots of changes since we last made this list...No matter if you started working remotely during the pandemic or you've been part of the gig economy long before - you’ll often wonder how to increase your team productivity while ...Check out all the latest SWGOH Characters, stats and abilities on the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes App for iOS and Android! ... Well-rounded Rebel Attacker with extra attacks, Stealth, and team Critical bonuses. Power 34527 · Health 59,463 · Speed 184. Light Side · Leader · Galactic Republic · Support · Leader

the cutting board restaurant middlefield ohio But who else would benefit from that team comp. Aayla and Mace are shoe-ins, but let's keep Aayla with Padme. So we go QGJ, JKA, Mace. JKA's boomstick, for best effect, needs G-Republic Jedi on his team, so let's go with Plo-Koon (becuase gearing him up really benefits your Negotiator Fleet, and for an additional AoE with Punch, go for Kit Fisto. counting cars danny marriedhair color dark underneath blonde on top Deal Physical damage to target enemy and inflict Target Lock for 2 turns. If they already had Target Lock, instead inflict Pinned for 2 turns which can't be copied, dispelled, or prevented, and this attack can't be evaded. Pinned: Can't gain bonus Turn Meter and has -25% Speed, doesn't stack with Breach or Speed Down Damage: 13,437 ± 500 Damage: 13,437 ± 500It's a good team on defense. The problem is that my server is full of double tanks, sun fac and rg are the most commom combo and fully moded with health/protection. So battles use to take a bit longer. Toons with not high health can't fight until the end. Changed the squad, let's see how it goes now. Running: lando, anakin, phasma, sun fac and rg. witty and sophisticated humor crossword clue That’s a bad reason. Always see if someone’s tried it on O. In my experience, vast majority of teams that lose on D to a counter can still win on O. Might take some extra brainpower. I regularly kill SEE with JML, and was recently told never to do this because SEE can solo JML. I’ve killed probably 20 SEE’s on auto with zero trouble. choctaw reward card levels7841 sq ft to acresua 1043 flight status See below for full details on this character's abilities at their max level. Aim, Then Shoot [Basic] [Max Level: 8] ... Best Captain Rex Team in SWGoH. The best team to maximize Captain Rex's potential in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is the Phoenix Squadron. Led by Hera Syndulla and supported by Chopper, this team synergizes well with Captain ... 86 nelson drive churchville pa Edit: Thanks to commonweaIth for organizing everything into a Trello Board! All the teams from the post are listed here in a much more readable format: SWGOH Proving Grounds | Trello For older Proving Grounds battles, see this post: Mostly non-GL known proving grounds teams (repost w/ updates) : SWGalaxyOfHeroes (reddit.com) I would combine …I would go with storm trooper, both pilots, and executioner. Og Kylo is handy to solo OR teams, and you'll still have a solid team for SLKR. If you don't have SLKR, then: Phasma, Hux, KRU, Sith trooper and FO stormtrooper. Generally you would want those who grants TM to be with phasma, simply because they are not welcomed in the SLKR team. what is paige drummond doing nowiron resurrection amandamary's nails lenoir nc Strong 3 v 3 Teams: GG + B1 + Magna. Drevan + Malak + BSF. Drevan + BSF + HK. Nute + B2 + Droideka. CLS + Han + Chewie. Traya + Sion + Nihilus. JKR + GMY + Jolee. Talzin + Spirit + Zombie - This has walled many of my opponents and has done far better than any other NS variations, even those using Daka/Asajj.SWGoH 101: Rancor Solo - Best Raid Toons and Why; SWGoH 101: Rancor Solo - Sample Heroic Rancor Solo Teams; SWGoH 101: Unlocking 7* Commander Luke Skywalker; SWGoH 101: Defeating Artist of War Event. SWGoH 101: Defeating Artist of War - Phoenix Gear; SWGoH 101: Defeating Artist of War - The Battles